The Lost (and Found) Art of Letter Writing

FedEx Small Business Center


The art of letter writing, or even handwriting, seems to gradually be going the way of the dodo as we are inundated with more and more technology that promises to make our lives easier and more efficient. We are more likely today to text instead of make phone calls and type an email instead of writing a letter or card. Today, we constantly hear of schools that have incorporated the latest and greatest technology into the classroom, while some have stopped teaching cursive writing altogether.


In this post, FedEx highlights the work of Paper Tams, which is working to revive the art of letter writing; teaching students that paper arts can benefit their professional goals and their personal well-being. Paper Tams incorporates journaling, letter writing, and workshops into their program, and even touts the therapeutic benefits of writing. The “old-fashioned” art of writing can also be thought of as disjointed from the world of technology that we live in today, but can actually be complementary. Tammy Rhome Wright with Paper Tams posts her writings on multiple social media platforms, and sees social media as a cue to take a few extra minutes to write a card or letter of encouragement or congratulations.



PartnershipUs has experienced the disconnect of students from handwriting firsthand, and works to educate students on the benefits of handwriting and letter writing. Like Paper Tams, we have experienced students in high school who did not know how to address an envelope or write a business letter. PartnershipUs believes that these skills are foundational to students’ success. Won’t you partner with us by donating on our website to bring handwriting back into our schools?