'Literacy Through Letters'

PartnershipUs is proud to work with Boys 2 Books to improve literacy skills among at-risk youth and their families. Our innovative program goes beyond simply extolling the benefits of reading and engages students in the literary process through writing. In today's world of computers, cell phones, and instant communication, it is easy for students to forego the basic tenets of writing: organization, clarity of language, and proper grammar. Yet these skills are central to educational and professional success.

At PartnershipUs, we introduce students to the art of letter writing with paper and pen. The rich and unique experience of longhand writing is likely to spark students’ creativity and enhance their learning, while removing the crutches of automatic spelling and grammar checks and helping students to avoid the distractions of technology.

Our program builds on the students’ engagement with letter-writing to improve literacy for their families as well. Through the program, students write letters to their caregivers and caregivers are asked to write back. If caregivers struggle with the exercise, PartnershipUs will step in with additional services to improve their literacy skills. Our vision is to promote a culture of literacy development within each family that will  eventually create a broader shift in the community.

The PartnershipUs program not only improves literacy, it also helps at-risk youth build character and strengthens relationships within families. The program builds character by using reading material that provides positive views of success and words of encouragement to youth. The practice of letter writing increases openness and communication between youth and caregivers, which often results in stronger familial relationships. 

Our team was thrilled to launch the program on April 23, 2015. The students were very engaged, and we quickly became aware of the extent of their need for the program.

Of course, we had to capture the launch in pictures:


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