About us

“Your partner for a brighter future”

 The mission of PartnershipUs is to provide compassionate assistance for individuals and families facing hardship by targeting resources, streamlining services, and presenting opportunities that instill hope and transform lives.

 At PartnershipUs, we work with Southeast Michigan residents and treat them like our friends, families, and neighbors. We are not just service providers - we partner with our community members to make a difference in their lives and in our community.

 We make sure that all our neighbors who walk through the door have their needs met in a way that respects their individuality, empowers them to make decisions, and helps put them on a path to stability and success.

 The challenges that many people in our community face, such as joblessness, hunger, and foreclosure, have deep-seated root causes. Yet individual obstacles can often be overcome with a helping hand to level the playing field by teaching literacy, providing job training, assisting with a legal matter, or keeping a family in their home. By developing sustainable solutions for each person we are able to touch, we can ultimately impact the larger crises facing people in our region.